Global Technical Alliance & Project Design

We have been providing technical support with development, manufacturing and sales of a wide range of electric devices production equipment for customers around the world over 35 years. We proudly maintain the pledge to all our customers our extensive technical support and project design assistance. Developing the equipment with technical alliance would ensure the customers to meet their needs and would save each customer considerable time and money.

Core Technology

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  • Press Forming

    Press forming metal powder to make variety of pellets for production of Tantalum or Niobium capacitors and inductors.

    Press Forming Overview

    Press Forming Machine Lineup

  • Powder Coating

    Coating radial leaded electric components with insulating Epoxy resin by Fluidized Bed coating.

    Powder Coating Overview

    Powder Coating Machine Lineup


  • Lead Welding

    Welding electrode wire leads to both sides of wound or stacked electric elements in a radial direction and taping the welded leads onto the jig bar for Film capacitor production.

    Lead Welding Overview

    Capacitor Lead Welding Machine

  • Winding

    Making wound typed elements by winding film or foil with separators for production of film capacitors and batteries.

    Winding Overview

    Winding Machine Lineup

  • Firing

    Firing electric components in a highly uniformed temperature / atmosphere for production of ceramic capacitors, etc. Rapid heating is also possible.

    Firing Overview

    Planetary Batch Kiln

  • Stacking

    Stacking ceramic green sheets (printed and non-printed) alternately and accurately for production of MLCC, Piezoelectric elements, LTCC, etc.

    Stacking Overview

    Stacking Machine Lineup

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